The 5 best cryptocurrency wallets

Bitcoin wallets are for you to manage your digital money, they will allow you to enter a new and freer economy. Are you ready to choose yours?

Securely storing cryptocurrencies is a concept that baffles most people, even in 2020, 12 years after the creation of the first and main cryptocurrency on the market by Satoshi Nakamoto. Even though these processes have become significantly simple, they remain a nuisance. Fortunately, there are some wallets that make everything a lot easier.

The only way to properly store your crypto assets is to use a secure wallet solution. It is difficult to say what makes one wallet safer than another, as users have their individual preferences and needs in this regard. However, there are some portfolio solutions that keep funds safe at a new level.

Understanding your needs
The choice of a portfolio must be made with the same diligence as the choice of an investment. First, you need to know what the use will be. Do you want to buy Bitcoins and save for the long term? Or do you want to use them as a means of current payment? After all, there are better portfolios than others for every purpose.

Keeping your digital currencies in an exchange needs to be avoided at all costs. It is preferable to use a cryptocurrency wallet, whether hot or cold, online or offline, as the user will have full control of their funds. Even those who want to use cryptography on a daily basis should avoid leaving it in an exchange at any cost, after all, they are not wallets.

In the text below we detail the types of wallets that are more convenient and suitable for each type of use, which the team at CriptoFácil recommends for younger users.

Mobile wallets

As the name says, they are wallets that can be used on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Because of this, they are very practical for those looking to use cryptography as a means of payment on a daily basis.

In addition to practicality, creating a mobile wallet is much simpler than a paper wallet. In less than five minutes you can download, activate and log out using your wallet.

Below are the main types of mobile wallets that we highlight:


Bitfy is a Brazilian wallet, which makes it a lot easier because of the language and support. In addition, it features a number of functions that go beyond depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies. In fact, Bitfy functions as an internet banking with a number of functions.

In addition to deposits and withdrawals, it enables the purchase and sale of crypto assets in its own wallet and even bill payment services and cell phone recharges. An excellent option for those looking for a complete portfolio.

Another facility is its integration with Cielo’s card models. This allows you to make purchases directly with your smartphone via QR Code.

Ease of use: easy
Extra services: buying and selling crypto, paying bills and recharging cell phones
Download available: Android and iOS


Mycelium is one of the oldest operating portfolios. Its operation is quite simple, but it makes it one of the safest online wallets. It only stores Bitcoin and does not store private keys on the smartphone.

When registering, you need to write down the words. With this security, Mycelium prevents hackers from hacking your device and stealing cryptocurrencies. In addition to this protection, it also has offline storage that ensures greater protection for your Bitcoins.

Ease of use: easy
Extra services: none
Download available: Android and iOS


BRD is the old Breadwallet. We consider it one of the best Bitcoin wallets, together with Airbitz, for new users. It provides full control over your private keys and also has a clean interface, which makes sending and receiving Bitcoins a pleasant and super simple process.

And like Bitfy, it allows the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies right in the wallet. BRD also has support for other crypto, such as Ether (ETH), DAI and Bitcoin Cash. Its system allows access without the need to create accounts or provide personal data.

Ease of Use: Easy
Extra Services: purchase and sale of crypto assets in the wallet
Download available: Android and iOS


The great advantage of FreeWallet is the support for several different cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin and Ether, another 30 cryptocurrencies can be stored in the wallet. Even ERC-20 tokens are included in this list. In addition, it is possible to convert from one cryptocurrency to another within FreeWallet itself.

Ease of Use: Easy
Download available: Android and iOS

Samourai Wallet

Samourai Wallet was created with the aim of being extremely easy, highly secure and with total privacy for users. Like Wasabi, it bypasses blockages and stores Bitcoins offline.

The application comes with several features such as: dynamic transfer rates, transactional privacy, support for Tor & VPN and for the user to choose their favorite Block Explorer.

Ease of Use: Easy
Extra Services: Pony Direct is a transaction method for sending Bitcoin via SMS
Download available: Android