State Change #43 – The Battle for your attention, Meher Roy, Simon de la Rouviere

Recalling State Change #40 Weaponized AI propaganda machine, we discussed at length the value of attention. Today we take this subject to it?’?s maximum extend. Software engineer Simon de la Rouviere and biochemical engineer Meher Roy shed light on how the battle for our attention is the basis for the online economy. We see it in the business models of two of the biggest companies on earth?’?Š?'”?’?ŠFacebook and Google.That ever present question of how blockchain will affect these dynamics hangs over the discourse. Simon envisions a post scarcity world in which the only remaining economy is the attention economy. Meher takes a more conservative position. Between these two perspectives we get a foundational understanding of the dynamics involved, and a view of how they might evolve.’d1088310627?

Source: BTC Last News

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