State Change #42 The Use of Knowledge in Society, Jeffrey Tucker, Kirk Dameron, Stephen Macaskill

While today decentralization seems like a revelation, one thinker more than any other stands as its chief proponent. In 1945 Friedrich Hayek bucked the post war fashion of command-control thinking and announced the futility of central economic or societal planning. His essay, The Use of Knowledge in Society, is a concise and accurate argument for the organizing principles of the internet, horizontal organizations, and blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Guests:Jeffrey Tucker: CLO of, Director of Digital Development at The Foundation for Economic Education Macaskill: President, Blockchain Association of New Zealand, former CEO of Amagi Metals an e-commerce precious metals company. Dameron of ConsenSys, Adjunct Professor Regis University, VP of Operations, Altius Space Machines’d1088310627?

Source: BTC Last News

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