State Change #39 Technologies of Social Organization ?'" Vinay Gupta, Joseph Lubin

Technology enables new forms of social organisation. That statement is itself a truism, but as we see technological development accelerate, our means of organising ourselves is constantly changing.

Our guests today are Joseph Lubin and Vinay Gupta. Joe is the Founder of ConsenSys and co-founder of Ethereum. He has a background in robotics, software engineering, and wealth management. He also had a short stint as CEO of a Jamaican record label. Vinay Gupta is the inventor of the Hexayurt emergency shelter and was once a member of both ConsenSys and Ethereum. Vinay now runs an investment firm, Hexayurt Capital.

Have we reached an inflection point where old systems exist at odds with reality? Both Joe and Vinay think that might be the case. We discuss the nature of the firm as described by Ronald Coase, intermediation price discovery, the future of organization and the role of burning man in the birth of the internet. We compare the Joe?’?s and Vinay?’?s organizations and explore the role of blockchain in decentralized organizations.’d1088310627?

Source: BTC Last News

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